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We define a ‘win’ as something you add to your deposit slip at the bank. Sure we track clicks, hits, impressions, bounces, and conversions, but at the end of the day we need to know that we’re adding to your bottom line.


Jeneva A. Vazquez | La Strada Law Founding Attorney

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“5 star review…… Innovative Web Design provided stellar work by giving my website a facelift that is now user friendly and totally in alignment with my business and its mission. I would recommend their services to anyone. They are efficient, professional and most importantly, they’re affordable!

 Thanks for saving us!”

Tamika Williams

Cartwill's Delight

“As a business owner, I know that having a website is crucial. Even so, I was putting it off. Just the thought of the project was overwhelming. Working with Daniel was painless and he made the whole process fast and simple. I’m very pleased with the end result, my website finally compliments my business.”

Summer Zifko

Virtually Progressive

“My friend / web designer is awesome! Daniel took my mediocre website I made from scratch and made it into a million dollar website.”

Aaron McAdoo

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"I’m pretty confident in saying nobody’s life right now is what we envisioned for 2020”… Read More

I’m pretty confident in saying nobody’s life right now is what we envisioned for 2020

My husband and I both own our own businesses…You work hard and YOU determine your own income. Well, that concept ended a few weeks ago when the mall closed and all our retailers had to close. We went from having two growing businesses to NOTHING in a matter of days.

My husband started looking for jobs….NOTHING. He finally got a job delivering pizzas at Papa John’s (WHAT is this REALITY!) But 4 kids still living at home there are plenty of mouths to feed…and don’t get me started on the bills piling up! No time for pride! My 17yo was laid off from a great paying restaurant job because they also had to close their doors….he’s working at Papa John’s now too.

I was at home with 4 kids, homeschooling now, and trying to figure out how to contribute without leaving my children home alone to become feral. A friend suggested I start offering to grocery shop for people….I thought it was a good idea, but sort of brushed it off because there’s SOOOO many services and stores that provide this already.

Friday (4/3) that friend (THANK YOU Susan!) tagged me in a post talking about how hard it was to get delivery dates for groceries. In just a few hours I had several messages requesting me to shop for them. The very next day I shopped for 4 people!

I have to admit the amount of interest was a bit overwhelming. All day I was trying to figure out how to make the process to request an order easier and have it more organized for myself. I thought some type of online form would be great AND if I could link it to my already established website that would be even better!

I texted Daniel Peña (he built my website), late Saturday night….
“…..an easy way to add a form to collect information and a shopping list”
He replied (even though it was late on a Saturday night!)
“Give me a call tomorrow”

TODAY I called and clumsily walked him through what I needed and our current situation. I heard him immediately start typing and he said “email me the information and I’ll have it on your website within the hour” SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?

It was less than an hour! I had a few clients use it and Daniel continued to be in contact throughout the day to tweak things.

That’s customer service!!! It definitely pays to use small local businesses. To build those relationships and know they will support you even after they “finished the job”.

From my whole family Thank You Daniel! You immediately said yes to help me pivot my whole business.

So now you can make your delivery requests at www.livingtheyounglife.com/

Bridget Racicot Frankel‎ | Bee Better Syrup

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Simply put we help companies plan, design and launch websites.

Our clients rely on us to navigate the complexities of digital technology and to work as an extension of their team to deliver the best websites, designed specifically to achieve their objectives.

We’ve got a great process, but we’re never satisfied so are always busy tweaking, experimenting and fine-tuning.


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La Strada Law wanted a cutting-edge website that surpassed customer expectations and other competitor websites – so that’s what we delivered. With features like easy-to-use forms and a mobile first approach, we’ve been able to elevate their online presence (and ranking) to help them command their market.

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